Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Must Be Crazy

Guys. I love lists. They are like my favorite thing. I love planning and organizing and making sure everything is perfect. I have been planning a backpacking trip to Europe in 2020 for like two years. It started out as a three month trip, and now it's up to five months - and I'm not even done planning yet! But I must be crazy because logical, organized, and list-loving me, is considering throwing all those plans out the window, grabbing my backpack, and heading to Europe for a year with no plans but to have the adventure of a lifetime.

The thought is equally exhilarating and terrifying. But why not!? People do that sort of thing all the time! Why can't I!? There is plenty of information out there on how much it costs to travel through Europe. If I budget high, I see no reason I couldn't do it. And hey if I run out of money before the year is up, I'll just go home.

I really want to talk myself into doing this. The reason I wanted to travel through Europe without a travel group was because I didn't want anyone telling me where to go or how long to stay. I wanted to make my own itinerary and have some wiggle room for spontaneity. By making my own itinerary and planning things down to the hour, I am doing to myself what the travel group would have done anyway!

What would happen if I just showed up and had no plans? It might be stupid. It might be the most amazing experience in my life. In fact I think it would. I'm probably crazy, but I'm so excited by the idea, I don't even care. Only five more years Europe. See you soon!

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