Monday, September 2, 2013

Chill Out and Have Some FUN.

Man, oh man, I love a good concert. But what makes a good concert a great concert would have to be the person/people you share it with. Like this one right here!

How adorable is she? Am I right?
On August 23rd Katrina and I went to the FUN. concert at the Great Saltair. It was amazing! So much energy and singing and jumping and laughing and LIGHTS!!! Obviously we had a blast!

I'm just so clever!
See! I told you! Pretty lighting!

We had to do something to pass the time, so we started face dancing. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, face dancing is when you move your face all about making all kinds of weird faces and then you snap a picture in the middle of it all. The results are often hilarious. Let me show you:

We also saw this little gem during the concert:

While the concert was amazing, the best part was spending time with one of my best friends, catching up, and having some girl time. Just being together was the most FUN. part of the entire evening.

One more reason to love FUN. and then I will let you go. I knew that FUN. support LGBT rights, but I didn't realize how much they did. Nearly half of their merchandise was all about supporting gay rights including a particularly awesome shirt that said, "It's all FUN. and Gay until someone loses their rights." Awesome right? AAAAANNNNNDDDD. One dollar from every ticket went to the Ally group. So keep on rockin' on FUN. You've got a fan for life in me.

P.S. I heard on the radio today that their next album will be released by Christmas......2014. 

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