Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I'm sorry I've been so inactive for a while. There is so much life happening right now it's absolutely crazy! But today I was on Facebook and ran across something that I knew must be shared.

It's called Project Unbreakable.

Grace Brown, a photographer, started a small project that grew into something unstoppable. She took pictures of sexual assault victims holding posters of what their attackers said to them during the assault. Her project became so much more than what it was originally intended to be. Project Unbreakable is now a place for victims to speak out. It is a place of hope for those who have been attacked and others who will be attacked. The statistics are horrific. The posters are unthinkable. But this is not a dream. It is real and we need to wake up.

Many of the quotes are from family members and friends of the victims saying that it was somehow their fault. Rape is overlooked and commonplace. Project Unbreakable shows people what rape really is. It gives power and a voice to victims everywhere. It gives perspective to those of us who (thankfully) have never had to deal with that kind of abuse. It is a powerful tool that I believe has the power to make a huge change in this world. I plan on donating toward the cause.

I encourage all of you to take a few moments and visit Project Unbreakable and read the stories. These men and women are some of the most courageous people I've ever seen. They refuse to be victims any longer. They are fighting for change and for justice. They are survivors and they are


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