Thursday, August 8, 2013

Here's the Skinny on Shark Fin Soup

Shark Photo of the Day

The beautiful and rarely seen Blue Shark.

Shark Week Schedule for the Day (Discovery Channel)

Bold indicates New Program for 2013
Times are Mountain Time

10:00 AM - Paradise for Predators: Sharks of Palau
11:00 AM - Future Shark
12:00 PM - Shark Rebellion
1:00 PM - Shark Fight
2:00 PM - Shark After Dark Live
3:00 PM - Rogue Sharks
4:00 PM - Great White Highway
5:00 PM - Into the Shark Bite
6:00 PM - Killer Sharks
7:00 PM - Top Ten Sharkdown
8:00 PM - Great White Serial Killer
9:00 PM - Spawn of Jaws: Sharktweeto
10:00 PM - Sharkpocalypse
11:00 PM - Alien Monster Sharks
12:00 AM - Shark After Dark

Shark Story of the Day

When I lived in Cedar City there was this fancy (at least for Cedar City) restaurant called the Garden House. I found out that they served shark fin soup during Shark Week and I boycotted the restaurant. I never ate there again. Now I realize I should have spoken to a manager and encourage them to take it off the menu, but I didn't. However, if I go into a Chinese restaurant I always look to see if it is served. If I run into one I will not hestiate to speak to a manager before leaving the establishment. I encourage you all to do the same. NEVER eat shark fin soup! DO NOT support restaurants that serve it! Speak to a manager before you leave.

If you are asking yourself what the big deal is, I will telll you. Shark fin soup is basically a broth with vegetables in it. The shark fin adds no flavor to the soup, only texture. Plus, sharks are known to have a high amount of mercury in their systems which could be deadly to humans. That's just the surface of the injustice. The big problem is that shark fin hunters are cutting the fins off the sharks and then throwing the LIVING creature back into the water to die. They don't even utilize the whole shark! If a small island or something didn't have access to a lot of protein and they killed a shark and ate the whole thing for meat, that one thing. But I don't think freaking CHINA is hurting for food! This is a barbaric practice that must be stopped! Type save the sharks into your search browser of choice and see what you can do. There are TONS of petitions you can sign, which could make a huge difference! Do what you can and God will surely bless you for it!

Shark Shirt of the Day

Since I couldn't find a cool handmade shark in Mexico like I did in 
Jamaica and Haiti, I settled for this really awesome looking T-shirt. :)

Shark Object of the Day

This is Sharkwater, the amazing documentary 
I've been telling you all about. It is seriously amazing. 
Go watch it on my shark page right now!

Shark Fact of the Day

Be glad you're not a shark, moms! The gestation period for a pregnant female shark can range from five months to two years! 

Shark Art of the Day

This is a costume design I did. It is based on a shark.
Check out the art page to find out more about it!

Shark Meme of the Day


Shark Treat of the Day

Shark Cake Pops! This was my first time making cake pops and it's really hard,
but the sharks turned out really cute! Don't you think so?

Shark Want of the Day

Rawr! So cute!

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