Monday, August 5, 2013

A Magical Moment in Mexico

Shark Photo of the Day

A little boy in Indonesia riding his "pet" Nurse Shark. So cute!

Shark Week Schedule for the Day (Discovery Channel)

Bold indicates New Program for 2013
Times are Mountain Time

10:00 AM - Shark Attack Rescuers
11:00 AM - American Shark
12:00 PM - Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever
1:00 PM - Mythbusters: Shark Special 2
2:00 PM - Shark After Dark Live
3:00 PM - Mythbusters: Shark Special 2
4:00 PM - Sharkbite Summer
5:00 PM - Shark Bite Beach
6:00 PM - Rogue Sharks
7:00 PM - Megaladon: The Monster Shark Lives
9:00 PM - Sharkzilla: Sharktweeto
10:00 PM - Return of Jaws
11:00 PM - Voodoo Sharks
12:00 AM - Shark After Dark Live

Shark Story of the Day

In May 2012 I went on a cruise to Jamaica, Haiti, and Mexico. In Mexico I got the experience of a lifetime! I got to pet, feed, and swim with Nurse Sharks! It was such an incredible moment in my life! There was this one amazing moment when I dove down and was swimming along when all of a sudden one of the sharks came right underneath me and we began swimming in tandem. It was absolutely magical. I can't wait to swim with more sharks in the future!

I am one happy camper!

Shark Shirt of the Day

This shirt was a gift from my friend Laney. She knows me too well!

Shark Object of the Day

I got this shark in Jamaica! I had to haggle a bit, but I ended up getting a pretty good deal.
I even got it carved with my name on the bottom. This was hard to fit in my suitcase to get it home!

Shark Fact of the Day

Sharks aren't color blind. 
Divers have claimed that sharks are attracted to certain colors, such as the "yummy yellow" of some wet suits. 

Shark Art of the Day

This is how I feel about sharks. Hugs all around!

Shark Meme of the Day

Shark Treat of the Day

Happy Shark cookies! Thanks mom for frosting all of these! :)

Shark Want of the Day


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